Free Download Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण Official App For Your Android Mobile.

Free Download Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण Official App For Your Android Mobile. 


Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण 

* Android O support added.
* Download support for "circulars" added.
* Download support for "Student Data" added.
* UI changed for improved user experience. 
* Other minor bug fix.

23 January 2018



Current Version

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+



Offered By
Mishu Publications

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण Official App ScreenShot

Welcome to all this wonderful article. Today’s our topic is “Shala Darpan App”, so let’s learn the Complete features and specification. And also you can download the official Shala Darpan App From the Play Store. Shala Darpan is an Integrated MIS Online portal Built by National Secondary Education Campaign in Order of Rajasthan Government in association with National Information Center (NIC).

Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण App Download

Through this Shala Darpan Online portal all the Information of Teachers and Students, as well as Government School employees of Rajasthan, has been compiled and updated on regular basis. Shala Darpan app has been designed to include new parameters for school inspections. The revised school inspection layout transforms the school inspections into a goal exercising to determine the pleasant of infrastructure, the technique of teaching and level of educational achievements within the faculty.

Shala Darpan शाला दर्पण 

This device may also facilitate putting in of a rule-primarily based and obvious system for tracking of schools on key overall performance signs. in addition, it will also allow proactive dedication of scale & kind of interventions wanted and proactive initiation of necessary remedial movement for resolution of issues/shortcomings mentioned during the school inspections.

उदयपुर| राज्य सरकार ने शिक्षा विभाग के शाला दर्पण और शाला दर्शन पोर्टल की जानकारी को यू-ट्यूब पर भी लॉन्च कर दिया है। कोई भी शिक्षक, संस्था प्रधान और शिक्षा अधिकारी अपने स्मार्ट मोबाइल पर यू-ट्यूब में शाला दर्पण से जुड़ी हर जानकारी ले सकते हैं। वीडियो में बताया गया है कि शिक्षक को इस पोर्टल पर स्कूल से संबंधित प्रत्येक जानकारी कैसे अपडेट और संशोधित करनी है और किस विकल्प को कैसे उपयोग लिया जाता है। इसमें बच्चों के नामांकन की स्थिति, शिक्षकों की संख्या, योजनाओं के क्रियान्वयन और बच्चों की गुणवत्ता की स्थिति मोबाइल पर ही देखी जा सकती है, बल्कि गलती होने पर उसे सुधार का जरिया भी बताया गया है।

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