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Budget Call Of Duty Drops promo . Once the Twitch Drop is successfully enabled, a confirmation will appear at the bottom of the screen on stream. How to get Modern Warfare Twitch Drops in Call of Duty WARZONE Thanks for watching! CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3 SUPPLY DROP OPENING! - YouTube Instructions (Olga Bowers) It's a nublidite move that will get you killed once until you figure out who the mother ****er doing it is, and then you will continue to **** him up, only worse, since you're still shooting bullets at. Purchasing one of these will let you drop in your very own. For the most part, you won't find much loot lying on the ground in buildings. Registering for a Call of Duty account is a relatively easy process that gives you some awesome benefits. When Twitch viewers link their Call of Duty accounts, they can earn some loot just by watching certain streamers who have activated drops on their channels. De