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Senate Majority Leader

Burgess everett and james arkin. Politics the majority floor leader is a partisan position in a legislative body. Senate Republicans Re Elect Mcconnell As Majority Leader Wkms The leader of iowas senate is stepping down monday after a video of him appearing to kiss a statehouse lobbyist surfaced according to the associated press. Senate majority leader . Three decades after arriving in the capital city as the junior senator from kentucky mitch mcconnell on tuesday became the us. Mcconnell takes the reins as senate majority leader. Bill dix 55 was allegedly recorded. John ashbrook a gop strategist and former aide to majority leader mitch mcconnell settled on the trump like nickname mexico joe. In the federal congress the role of the majority leader of the united states house of representatives and the majority leader of the united states senate differ slightly. In the united states senate the majority leader is the chief spoke