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Easy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Miharu Benefit

Bargain Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Miharu coupon . She was also a palette swap for her i believe in that game. Just like last time, it is more of a "dream match", giving fans the opportunity to play as almost every character in the series up to that point, including some of those. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Part 4 Alisa & Miharu Vs Angel ... Solution (Cory Waters) Each character has their own unique item move(s). Pretty sure she didnt have the huge rack back then though lol. You really can't get a uniform for Xiao? I like her alt way better. The item moves have been improved. Brand new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 | Hwoarang vs Alisa Miharu ... overstock Deals Tekken Tag Tournament 2 : SilexXx ( Marduk X Bruce ) VS ... review Brand name Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - [Hard - Arcade Battle] - Miharu ... website